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ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review

Hey guys, Welcome back to my site. This is the ConnectAudience Review.

In this ConnectAudience Review, I want to talk more about the product named ConnectAudience. What is it? How powerful is it? I think that you will be surprised at its functions.

I know now all of you want to know about it. But first, I want to say that this is the wonderful tool to connect you or your product to the audiences. If you can do with this ConnectAudience , you could be successful soon. This ConnectAudience is the most loyal product that can be next to you and share your work. What they can do? Here in this ConnectAudience Review, I will talk more about it.

If you want to buy this ConnectAudience now, it is ok, click button below and try and then buy it. But, if you want to know more about it before you decide, see this ConnectAudience Review carefully now!

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ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review – Overview

Creators: Wilco de Kreij
Product: ConnectAudience
Price: $197
Date Of Launch: 2016-09-05
Time Of Launch: 10:00 EDT
Niche: Software
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: Click Here
Bonuses: Yes, Bonus from my site
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels


This is the amazing platform which lets you run your email retargeting campaign on Facebook. Do you want to retarget all the people who had opened your email but they didn’t click the link that you want. That is not really a problem. You can have the chance to change their minds with the help of this ConnectAudience.

Your problem is mainly because of some reasons. But this ConnectAudience will sync your subscriber list to directly to their Facebook account into the Fb Custom Audience inside the Ads account you own.

Have you even been in the situation of owning the huge amount of subscriber lists but you can earn nothing from them? I used to be in this situation. Now, I will never let this happen again.

Who Is The Creator Of ConnectAudience?

ConnectAudience Review

Wilco de Kreij is the man behind ConnectAudience. He made his big success being an affiliate marketer which he has been doing full time since 2006.

Wilco’s new product has been well received by his fellow marketers who have confidence that he has delivered an excellent job in his new project.

The CEO and founder of Marketing Released, Stefan van der Vlag is one of the people who are already praising Wilco’s new product. He says that given Wilco’s track record of producing many 6 figure products, he could not have gotten it wrong in his newest product. He tells people to brace themselves for high EPCs and many thank you emails from their customers.

That someone like van der Vlag has confidence in the upcoming product isn’t something to be taken lightly. Van der Vlag is among the top crop of internet marketing specialists and for him to believe in the product, it surely must be good. He has previously worked at Glorious partnership and McDonald’s and has himself created a number of successful info products. He is also talented in many other digital components.

Another marketer, Mark Thompson, also praises Wilco and expresses his faith in his colleague’s new product. He talks of how Wilco takes much pride in each and every one of his products and how he is always super confident when promoting any of Wilco’s new products because he knows it will translate into a lot of sales conversion when backed with impeccable customer service. He adds that he is always looking forward to promoting Wilco’s new releases.

For five years, he has been selected as one of the top affiliates in Netherlands. He is behind many successful internet marketing software and programs such as ConnectRetarget ( What is ConnectRetarget? ), UpViral, ConnectLeads, ChatLinks, ZoSocial ($16.80 EPC), VideoSkin, Viral Optins, WP4FB 2.0 and others.

ConnectAudience Review – What Is ConnectAudience?

Connect Audience is the Revolutionary Autoresponder and Facebook Retargeting System! It Sync Your Subscriber Lists into FB Custom Audiences; It Manage your custom audiences directly between your Autoresponders and FB ads manager. Connect Audience handles everything automatically! It makes your work much easier and faster. Now, It’s time to take your marketing to the next level. With an easy to use application that gets your subscriber lists and facebooks custom working together.

ConnectAudience Review

 Have a look at a demo here:

ConnectAudience Review – How does it work?

In my ConnectAudience Review, I want to show you how I used this product to create a campaign targeting my subscriber lists:

  • Step 1: Get access to ConnectAudience and add name of the campaign
  • Step 2: Choose the list of subscribers you want to target in “Filter” bar
  • Step 3: There will be “Audience size” bar appearing so that you can see the number of subscribers you are targeting. Then choose “yes” or “no” for the question “Do you want to publish to Facebook”, and also the boxes “I agree to the Facebook Custom Audiences Terms”, and “ Update this audience on a daily basis.”
  • Step 4: Set time for the update in step 3. Click “Create Audience”, then see “Status” bar and keep track to your campaign.

It is not complicated at all, right? I learned how to do it in 10 minutes, so I hope with these steps in my ConnectAudience Review, you can do it too.

Some Special Features of ConnectAudience 

  • This ConnectAudience helps you to automate all the activities that you want to do between your Fb ads manager and your subscribers assisting you to build your lists of the customer email from others.
  • If you have any change to your email list, this ConnectAudience also automatically manage as well as update all for them.
    Normally, it can take you hours or more to create a campaign to retarget on Facebook just for them. But now, this ConnectAudience can do that for you in just some minutes or less.
  • This is an easy-to-use product. You all can regularly become master and master after use this ConnectAudience times by times.
  • Its ideas are all simple but very special – Really dynamic.
    This ConnectAudience can increase your cost per subscriber from 2 to $3,12. What an amazing number.

ConnectAudience Review – Why do you need ConnectAudience?

You’ve been designing Facebook ads to be massively appealing. They’re colorful, have great Calls-to-Action and great images. Don’t stop now.

The only difference with targeting to an existing contact list is that you’re sure your audience is familiar with your brand (as they’ve engaged with you at least once before).

Also if you are a small business, this means that your Facebook audience is aware of your logo, and including it in your advertisement , will increase your brand’s recognition. Your audience will say, oh yes, I remember engaging with that brand last month, and be encouraged to engage again.

Targeting your Facebook Ad to existing contacts allows you the most specific focus available.

No longer are you targeting by age group, gender or specific interest and hoping you’re right. Now you’re targeting to people who are interested in your product/services and people who have already engaged with your brand and encouraging them to do so again.

When you run consistent messaging to the same audience via both email and Facebook ads, they make each other more effective. The email campaign by itself may have done fine. The Facebook campaign by itself may have done fine. Combine the two, and not only do you combine the results, but the familiarity from the email (on which a user didn’t act) could make action on an ad more likely (and vice versa).

(Kudos to Wilo de kreij, who is the brain behind ):

  • Sam Bakker made $25,000 within the space of a week using the connect audience platform”
  • Other users testify of getting three times as many engagements/post as standard ads and received two times as many viral engagements such as Face book likes, Shares and comments.
  • Targeting based on an existing email list allows you to make offers exclusive – thereby increasing your likely engagement rates.
  • You can target recently-active customers, lapsed customers, customers who have recently wrapped up a contest or who have recently purchased a particular product.

Case Study #1: $6.43 In, $1485 Out

Here’s what I did:

  • I chose a big ticket ($997) affiliate product, then sent a promo to a segment of my list.
  • Then I set up a FB retargeting ad that would show ads to anyone that opened that email. I set to for people to view the same offer via FB ads over the course of a week.

How did the test go?

ConnectAudience Review

Case Study #2: $84 in, $1782 Out

Here’s what I did:

Recently we did the ultimate test to confirm the effectiveness of running Facebook Ads in parallel to an email promotion.

While promoting UpViral to a segment of our email list, we randomly split them into two equal groups.

Group A: Control group who received only emails.
Group B: Test group who received emails + got exposed to Facebook Ads.

When someone from group B opened any of the emails, they were automatically added to a custom audience.

By adding separate tracking links into the emails we were able to measure the exact differences between both groups.

How did the test go?

In total, we spent $84 on Facebook Ads.

Here’s a screenshot straight from our Google Analytics account:

ConnectAudience Review

In the video below you’ll see a full breakdown of this case study, including the exact ads i used:

Price of Product?
Personally I think is a very unique product so the price $197 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?

ConnectAudience Review

Facebook introduced Lead Ads, allowing everyone to collect email subscribers on Facebook with just a single tab. Lead generation on Facebook never been easier!

Facebook even pre-fills information like job titles, company names, relationship statuses and more, making the leads much more valuable than before.

There is just one problem… You can’t connect Facebook Lead Ads to your autoresponders – making the feature virtually worthless.

Guess what? That’s where ConnectLeads comes in.

ConnectLeads automatically submits all leads real-time into any autoresponder – making this the tool every Facebook advertiser & business owner is waiting for.
Here’s a demo video of ConnectLeads in action:

The first ever platform to allow you to run behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook?

Want to retarget those who scrolled all the way to the bottom of your sales page? Easy. Only those who visited your site 5+ times or at least 10 minutes? No problem.

ConnectRetarget brings Facebook retargeting to a whole new level.

“Does it work?”, you ask?

I recently tested this out on a 5-day promotion I ran (for a $297 product):

The normal retargeting audience (7 days) got 31 (= $9,207 in revenue) sales for a total of €219.27 ad cost.
That’s €7.07 per conversion.

The ConnectRetarget audience got 85 sales (= $25,245 in revenue) for a total of €124.22 in ad cost.
That’s €1.46 per conversion.

You do the math.


ConnectAudience Review


Do you know what is the difference between a profitable marketer and wannabe? Inovation, a great marketer is always trying to get that competitive advantage over everyone else, or at least the majority, while just a regular one is doing what other people tell him.

That is why it is always the key to jump on something while it is fresh and existing. This allows anyone make a fortune without years of experience or knowledge. You see, to be a successful email marketer you need spend months learning the ins and out and spending up to a dollar or more for clicks.

On the other hand a invasive marketer will try to find a better way, a smarter way, and a cheaper way to the same in quarter of the time and fraction of the cost.

Now there is nothing wrong with the first approach, if you have months and thousand a for dollars to spend. However, if you want a quicker way than you need to do something different. After all, doingt he same thing never gets you far.

That is why I excited to review the ConnectAudience by Wilco de Kreij. A new way to build a email list and make tons of commissions for the fraction of the time.

You see, Wilco de Kreij, is a one of those innovative marketers that is always on top of everything related to FB. And with his new system Connect Audience he once again shows what it reality meant o have a competitive advantaged over 99% of all FB marketers.

So what are you waiting for? Gran conenctaudience now before it is too late.

ConnectAudience Review

Just 2 simple steps to claim these bonuses 

  1. Get ConnectAudience by Clicking here to dowload it now
  2. After you complete the order , send [the receipt id] in message to my email at: heroreviewbonus@gmail.com. I’ll send you bonus within 12 hours

Thanks for visit my ConnectAudience Review. Hope you could find useful information here. Wish you all the best. Cheryl!

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