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Flipside Profits Review

Flipside Profits Review

Welcome to my Flipside Profits Review. If you are looking for a honest Flipside Profits review, then you have come to a right place.

FINALLY: How You Can Easily Turn $10 Into $3,000 In Just 2 Hours Without Any Tech Skills or Marketing ‘Know How’…

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Flipside Profits Review

Flipside Profits Review – Overview

Creators: Greg Kononenko et al
Product: Flipside Profits
Price: $27
Date Of Launch:2017-May-12
Time Of Launch: 9:00 EDT
Niche: Affiliate Marketing
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://flipsideprofits.com/
Bonuses: Yes, Bonus from my site
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Flipside Profits Review – What Is Flipside Profits?

Flipside Profits is a video training course, showing methods that Phil Blackwell is currently using to turn tiny $13 investment into profitable “flips”. He gets domains for $13, then develops them with some simple work, and then either sells them for up to $3k each, or rents them out for up to $600 a month


  • Complete Newbies: newbies will be able to set up profitable flips without SEO, without PPC, and without any paid ads. They will love the fast results and high profits per transaction.
  • MMO / Simple Ways To Make Money: people interested in general MMO opportunities and simple ways to make money will LOVE this offer. They will get a shortcut to a method to bank large amounts of profits per transaction, without the complexities of ads, paid funnels and SEO.
  • Those who are looking for a real business: One of the comments that Phil always gets from his customers is “wow, this really is a real business”. And that’s exactly what he teaches inside. It’s not a hypey “method”. It’s a real business that people can build
  • Fiverr / Arbitrage: If you have anyone on your list who does Fiverr or Arbitrage, they will be able to learn some additional powerful ways of exploding their profits and making $100 – $3,000 per transaction instead of $5.

A Proven System That Works So Well and So Fast That You Can Start Earning Real Cash In As Little As 7 Days From Now

Anyone regardless of his or her experience level, with only 2 hours can do this and duplicate this simple process.

You can now harness the power of online real estate that takes less than 15 minutes to find, purchase and have DESPERATE buyers asking to pay $1,000 … $2,000 … even $3,000 – without you having to do ANY “selling”.

You may own or have owned a website before. You may have made money with it or might have never earned a single dime with it. Within the first 7 days with a brand new site we create in just 2 hours, we are able to generate over $3,000 for it. Without EVER having to do the hard work!

Are you ready to change your life, and do the same?


  • Flipside Profits is an over the shoulder in-depth course with 19 videos. Each video includes step by step instructions and resources so you can succeed as fast as possible
  • You’ll be able to watch how we easily find profitable opportunities and turn $10 into $3,000 with just 2 hours of your time. And you’ll be able to copy and paste every single step, so there’s no chance you can mess this up.
  • This method consistently produces money month after month. Anyone can do this, no matter their skill level.
  • Since it’s so “low-tech”, even a complete newbie can take this and have a profitable revenue stream for their business.
  • And it’s so scalable, that the initial revenue stream can very quickly turn into a 6-figure business if you continue following the methods shown inside.


  • How to make $3,000 upfront + $350/year by creating simple, basic websites for hungry buyers. All this is done ONLINE! And, you don’t even have to create those websites yourself, so you can do this with zero technical skills.
  • How to make $250 – $500 over and over again… By using a free online tool.
  • How to make a recurring income of $200-$400 a month per EACH site, by monetizing them in a very unique way.
  • How to make $100 in the first 24 hours (my case studies will walk you through step by step).

We Left Nothing Out! We Are Giving You Every Tool You Possibly Need To Succeed With This Business

  • The HOTTEST List of opportunities you can tap into today for massive profits that no one else will ever reveal to you…
  • The #1 Secret to flipping any website for thousands in less than 7 days
  • “Over The Shoulder” Strategies you can copy to generate up to $3,000 PER FLIP
  • Step-by-Step process that will have everything running on complete autopilot so you can earn $200-$400 per month for EACH SITE. And you can repeat this for as many sites as you want!
  • How you can flip a website WITHOUT ever having to build or even install WordPress
  • How to upsell the sale of your site and get paid monthly… Even AFTER the flip of your site
  • How you can practically always be guaranteed a successful flip
  • Easily attract high quality buyers who pay you monthly to rent out your website
  • How you can always create sites that will easily sell for thousands each with only a few minutes work every single day

You Know Those Guys Who Build a Simple Site in 1-2 Hours and Then Flip It For $1,000+?
You can now be one of them! We constructed FlipSide Profits FOR YOU…

You will learn everything you have ever seen on the internet about flipping websites. All the secrets are right here.

Once you see the risk free MICRO investment that you have to make, you will WANT to act fast.

We walk you through the entire process and guide you step by step. This means all you have to do is COPY WHAT WE DO and start getting results like this…

Flipside Profits Review

Price of Product?

Personally I think is a very unique product so the price $27 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?

Flipside Profits Review

OTO1 contains:

  • Advanced Training – we will show your customers how to profit even before flipping
  • Graphic Pack – high quality, custom produced graphics to make the website looking attractive, easily
  •  Done For You Themes – high converting, proven themes for the website that take just 2 minutes to install
  • Done For You plugins – all the plugins that your customers will need to set up the site as quickly as possible

OTO 2 contains:

  • 3 Done For You sites – we build them for your customers, and all they have to do is sell them or rent them!
  • Exclusive, LIVE Training Sessions
  • Exclusive “Invite Only” Facebook Mastermind Group – where your customers will be able to learn additional techniques and to mastermind with others

OTO3 contains:

  • Your customers will be able to get complete access to 3 amazing case studies
  • Phil will show exactly how he came up with 3 flip ideas
  • Which niches he went after
  • Which simple 5-page sites he built
  • What he did to develop those sites and how fast it was
  • How he then sold them for $1-$3k and rented them for $200-$600/month


Flipside Profits Review


Grab your extremely discounted lifetime access to Flipping Profits right now.

When you do that, you know you’re locking into an incredible course built by a guy who is focused on doing it RIGHT. And when that’s your focus, it carries over into EVERYTHING, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

That’s why your investment is backed by an ironclad 100% money back guarantee.

Use Flipside Profits with no holds barred for a full 30 days. If for ANY reason you’re not over the moon with satisfaction…

If you only generate $1,000.00 in revenue and you wanted $1,001.00… Or for ANY reason, you decide Flipside Profits isn’t right for you… All you’ll have to do is click your mouse one time and you’ll receive an immediate refund, no questions asked.

That means the risk is on ME to prove that Flipside Profits does everything I say it does… and I can’t wait to prove that to you.

So click the button above to get your Flipside Profits package with confidence and peace of mind!

Flipside Profits Review

Thanks for visit my Flipside Profits Review. Hope you could find useful information here. Wish you all the best. Cheryl!

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