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Video Ads Genius Review

Video Ads Genius Review

Welcome to my Video Ads Genius Review. If you are looking for a honest Video Ads Genius review, then you have come to a right place.


Inside: The unique method to have your traffic flow in 24 hours or less

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Video Ads Genius Review

Video Ads Genius Review – Overview

Creators: Howard Lynch
Product: Video Ads Genius
Date Of Launch: 2016-06-26
Time Of Launch: 10:00 EDT
Niche: General
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://videoadsgenius.co/
Bonuses: Yes, Bonus from my site
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

EXPLOIT YOUTUBE TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL: Here’s something you’ve never heard before

  •  Reach 2 Billion Users
    Reach your perfect customers with ultra-targeted ads they won’t be able to resist
  •  Create Ads in Seconds
    Have no experience in video creation? We’ve got you covered. You can create ads in as little as five minutes.
  •  Watch Over My Shoulder
    Take a deep dive into my ads setup that is bringing in $23,000 a month to my downline.
  •  Join the 700% Club
    The average Youtube ad returns $7 for every $1 invested. Usually more!

I’ve stumbled across what some marketers may consider the holy grail.

Well, I didn’t really stumble across it, as it took me over two years to refine this very traffic source, but you get the point.

Let me ask you, how many times you have thought you just discovered the “BEST and most PERFECT” traffic source, the one and only that would lift your business to the heavens ?

Now, how many times has that traffic source turned out to be utter garbage ?

You don’t really have to answer that question— I’ve been there.

If you have also tried..

Solo Ads
Paid traffic of all types, that only end up burning a hole through your wallet
Blog posts, social media..
.. or any of those overrated, or at the very least very costly traffic methods, welcome to the club!

But today, and with your permission, this is all about to change.

With what I’m about to show you, you will have the power to drive dirt-cheap traffic anywhere you want, whatever your goal may be.

You can build your own list (this traffic is very responsive), sell products that you own or as an affiliate, and I’m ready to bet that you will succeed on your first try because this traffic is VERY responsive, and extremely targeted.

Video Ads Genius Review – What Is Video Ads Genius?

Video Ads Genius is the blueprint behind this new marketing method.The course includes a case study, an inside look into one of most profitable campaign (shopify affiliate), and the exact tools (free!) that we use to craft great, high-converting ads.

Video Ads Genius: This is the full course, explaining what Youtube ads are, their uses, targeting options, making compliant landing pages, running and optimizing campaigns.

Inside Video Ads Genius You Will Get All The Tools So You Can Quickly Create…

  •  Amazing ads that turn into cold cash
  •  Campaigns that bring penny traffic in
  •  Stunning video ads that viewers can’t resist
  •  A business that keeps on giving and that can succeed in every existing niche
  •  A STRONG channel that grows on autopilot
  •  An audience that will keep coming back for more and more, and convert
  •  An online presence as the ultimate “authority”
  •  An income stream that is fun and addictive

So you have seen what Youtube video ads can do for you.

You’ve seen income statements and I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that this must be an awesome solution for you, your business or you clients to:

Drive cheap targeted traffic to any link you’d like
Grow or “kickstart” your channel for dirt cheap and get more views, likes and shares
Promote affiliate products and build your list
But after seeing all of this you might be wondering “what’s the catch ?”

Well let me tell you: there is none.

Not for you at least.

For me, well I had to get my hands dirty and try video ads all by myself, before there were any courses, guides or tutorials about them.

It was MESSY. Most of my campaigns failed.

They were costing money and not producing any results, and most times I had to make 5-10 variations of the same video until I found something that stuck.

Video ads are not easy when you have to crack the code yourself.

I have made Video Ads Genius so you won’t have to.

So in summary: you could jump in Youtube right now and create your own ads by yourself, test them and hope that you strike gold instantly.

But that wouldn’t give you my unique blueprint to script ads that cost as little as possible while getting the highest click rate, and you wouldn’t be able to watch over my shoulder as I craft video ads in less than 5 minutes without showing up on camera, and targeting them to your perfect audience.

Without this course, which is unique in its kind, you are guaranteed to struggle to get a profitable campaign, and ultimately lose much more money than what I’ll be asking today.

Smart marketers know what their time (and money!) is worth, and they invest in done-for-you systems like Video Ads Genius.

Video Ads Genius Review – So what can Video Ads Genius do?

What You Get With Video Ads Genius

  •  Clear step-by-step instructions
    All the secrets disclosed in Video Ads Genius has been tested and tried by myself, and the instructions to replicate my success have been clearly laid down and demonstrated. This is a headache-free course!
  •  See our funnels
    We have laid down the exact plan we use to create converting funnels with Youtube ads, and how you can create these funnels for yourself without breaking a sweat. These work for in-stream and in-display ads, and work great with your list building efforts.
  •  The most targeted traffic ever
    This may sound like a wild promise. But with Youtube ads ability to target down to a SINGLE VIDEO, we can safely say we’ve never experience a tighter traffic
  •  Great customer support
    If you have any questions or need advice, we are just an email away. We answer every query with great detail.
  •  How to scale your campaigns
    With four billion daily views on Youtube in thousands of niches, we cover how you can easily scale profitable campaigns to $x,xxx a day or more.
  •  Optimization Blueprint
    We will show you how to fully optimize your ads, to make sure every penny invested is worth your time and effort. We will disclose why you should never settle for less than a 500% ROI.

Watch The Demo Video Below


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Price of Product?

Personally I think is a very unique product so the price $27 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?

Video Ads Genius Review

Video Ads Engineer (OTO1): This is where we explain the exact script for successful in-stream ads to the second. In addition, we show and demonstrate how anyone can easily create high-quality video ads using only free tools. Also included is a complete case study of how I used to sell these videos as a service for $150 on the WarriorForum, with instructions. Also covered in great details: how to publish short video courses on multiple platforms and create an additional income stream.

Youtube Ads Bootcamp (OTO2): This 4 week Bootcamp will dive deep into the world of Youtube ads and show (live!) how we set up profitable campaigns. Questions will be answered.

Youtube Review Lifestyle (OTO3): This is a complete gameplan and life-changing upgrade. We give customers a complete business model based on reviewing products are promoting through in-display ads. We give live examples of ads we ran and give them all the tools they need to start making some serious income. This was my main business & income source for 14 months.

Premium Training (OTO4): This is going to be a year-long training module with regular hangouts and calls, providing huge value to your list. We will ensure your customers succeed and stay motivated.


Video Ads Genius Review


What do you think about Video Ads Genius? For me, it is the multiple uses of the product that attracts me the most. So, it is essential that you should have it as soon as possible because the earlier you buy Video Ads Genius, the more advantages you will get from it. See you next time and thanks for reading my Video Ads Genius review.

 Video Ads Genius Review

Just 2 simple steps to claim these bonuses  

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  2. After you complete the order , send [the receipt id] in message to my email at: heroreviewbonus@gmail.com. I’ll send you bonus within 12 hours

Thanks for visit my Video Ads Genius Review. Hope you could find useful information here. Wish you all the best. Cheryl!



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