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Wishloop Review

Wishloop Review

Hey guys, Welcome back to my site. This is the Wishloop Review.

In this Wishloop Review, I want to talk more about the product named Wishloop. What is it? How powerful is it? I think that you will be surprised at its functions.
If you want to buy this Wishloop now, it is ok, click button below and try and then buy it. But, if you want to know more about it before you decide, see this Wishloop Review carefully now!

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Wishloop Review

Wishloop Review – Overview

Creators: Simon Warner et al
Product: Wishloop
Price: $297
Date Of Launch: 2016-Dec-19
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Niche: List Building
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://wishloop.com
Bonuses: Yes, Bonus from my site
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Wishloop Review – What Is Wishloop?

The All-in-One Lead Generation Platform for Growing Your Business Online

Turning Clicks into Customers.All From One Single, All-Integrated Dashboard.

  • Grow your subscriber list faster with unmissable optin forms & landing pages
  • Increase sales and revenue via integrated multi-touch campaigns
  • Boost engagement with irresistible contests & polls
  • Run special offers and promotions with “instant impact” offer announcements, coupons & more
  • Generate more traffic with our revolutionary Share browser extension
  • Create winning campaigns in minutes with our intuitive drag & drop interface & tons of ready-to-use templates.  No coding or tech skills required.

Wishloop works on any website…
Just add one line of code to your site. Then you can create as many campaigns as you like with our intuitive drag-drop builder.
Absolutely no-tech experience necessary.

With Wishloop, You Will Be Able To Quickly And Easily:

Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Collect more leads through your websites with a prominent email sign-up form and an instant clear call-to-action.

Wishloop is integrated with all major autoresponders so you can instantly feed your leads into your mailing lists.


  •  Smart triggers
  • Advanced targeting
  • Real-time statistics

Increase Sales And Revenue

Show notifications that can’t be missed and let your visitors know about new product launches, features and updates.
Add a clear call-to-action to drive traffic to specific pages of your website and increase sign-ups, downloads or purchases.

  • Target both new or returning customers
  • Advanced targeting based on page views or referral source

Lower Your Bounce Rate

Wishloop allows you to personalise your site with interactive messaging based on unique user behaviour.
This results in higher levels of engagement, lower bounce rate and more leads and sales
Advanced site personalisation keeps visitors engaged and on your site for longer.
You can:

  • Reframe your offers with an exit popup to save bounces
  • Dynamically alter above-the-fold-content based on visitor referral source

Run Special Offers And Promotions
Wishloop gives you full control to run offers to different user groups. You won’t find a more powerful suite to optimise your website for maximum conversions.

You can:

  • Highlight key product promotions, limited time sales and more…
  • Reward regular visitors or surprise new ones


  • Easy setup of offer pages, popups and conversion mats
  •  Limited time offers
  • Attention-grabbing alerts

Improve Social Engagement
Encourage your users to share your products on social media to increase traffic and brand awareness.
Your customers speaking about you on social media is free advertising and Wishloop helps you let them spread the word around.

  • Facebook
  • witter
  • Google+

Generate More Traffic
Wishloop lets you get more out of the activities you already do online by rapidly leveraging curated content in an ethical way
Wishloop’s ‘Share’ facility is a groundbreaking way to get more traffic to your site or increase leads and sales by attaching a Wishloop campaign to every link you share online.

  • Simple to use browser bookmarklet
  • Focus on speed and ease of use
  •  Works with any browser

And there’s more…
Create beautiful designs with drag-and-drop ease .
Choose from 150 stunning, mobile-friendly templates.
Customise your designs in minutes with over 30 different drag-and-drop elements.

Wishloop Empowers You to have Smarter Interactions with Your Visitors:

  • Wishloop segments your audience based on browsing behaviour.
  • So you can target each visitor with the right message, at exactly the right time
  • Instantly segment and target audiences (returning visitors / first time visitors / particular referring sources) with different, optimised marketing messages.
  • Engage customers based on their actions.
  • Time your delivery to perfection by choosing exactly what behaviour someone should exhibit before they see your message.
  • Optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions

And Makes it Easy to Get the Conversion Results You Want and Need:

  • Track your results and get the stats you need to know, in real-time. (No more wading through useless data to see how your campaigns are performing).
  • Manage all your marketing campaigns across multiple domains from 1 central location

Wishloop gives you an instant advantage over your competitors with an unrivalled set of integrated features…
All working together to sky-rocket your conversions into overdrive.

  • Easy to use interface
    Our drag and drop interface is a joy to use. Our existing users are going crazy over this one feature alone!
  • Stunning templates
    50+ jaw dropping templates. Customise in seconds with your own images or any from our library.
  • Rapidly deploy campaigns
    Customize, duplicate, and deploy your campaigns without touching a single line of code.
  • Sales-boosting scarcity
    Add countdown timers to your campaigns a few clicks. Compel your visitors to take action NOW.
  • Wow your audience
    Create powerful multimedia campaigns by emdedding rich media and stunning entry/exit animations.
  • Cloud based platform
    Access and edit your campaigns instantly from anywhere you can get online.
  • 100% mobile friendly
    That’s right – Wishloop campaigns look incredible on every device under the sun!
  • No programming required
    No word of a lie! Even the greenest newbie can set up a campaign in minutes.
  • Multi-lingual support
    Everything is translatable – Wishloop will work no matter where you or your audience live.
  • Multistep campaigns
    Easily create multistep campaigns in minutes. poll and segment your audience to increase conversions.
  • Monetisation made easy
    With our awesome campaign selling features you’ll never need to struggle again to make a sale.
  • Simple Lead Generation
    Instantly feed your leads into your mailing lists. Wishloop is integrated with all major autoresponders.

Wishloop makes it quick and easy to get the maximum converting edge
you’ve always wanted:
And of course, it goes without saying, that you also get…

  • Fast start training
    Hit the ground running! Tune into one of our webinars or regular implementation calls.
  • High quality video tutorials
    We’ll guide you through every step with our over the shoulder video tutorials.
  • World Class Support
    Our awesome, talented team is here to help you succeed every step of the way.

Price of Product?

Personally I think is a very unique product so the price $297 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?

Wishloop Review

Wishloop Main License
The core offer allows users to create unlimited Wishloop campaigns in minutes using our class-leading drag and drop framework.

Capture emails, promote special offers, deliver coupons, build a social media following, and so much more…

Also includes our powerful browser extension giving the ability to use Wishloop with sites you don’t own (authority jacking)!

Wishloop Pro and Template Club
The Pro upgrade includes a number of conversion-boosting features, like split testing & segmented targeting.

Also includes our powerful social scheduling system, a survey module, geo-location capabilities, and pro selling integrations (TeeSpring / Amazon /Paypal / Shopify).

And we’re stacking the value even further by including a monthly template club.

Wishloop Instafunnels
This offer is a complete no-brainer – giving your customers everything they need to INSTANTLY monetize their Wishloop account.

Complete with several pre built sales funnels and lead magnets ready to just plug and play. This offer is a must buy for users who want to hit the ground running.

We’re also offering a downsell with roughly half the content from the main offer.


Wishloop Review


All I say about Wishloop is enough reason for you to want to own it. With Wishloop, you can communicate all over the world with this tool. You can catch up the newest trend in the networks of your friends.

I used this tool and really like it so much. I hope my Wishloop review can satisfy you some parts. If you want to become a self-starter, you should own this tool now.

Don’t hesitate anymore to join in the vast world of social network. I believe that this software is unique and you cannot find a product like that anywhere else . Take it to fit your business with few clicks.

… and if Wishloop doesn’t instantly become one the coolest, money-saving, time-saving design tools in your marketing tool box… simply send the support desk a single email and we’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked.

I hope you agree, that’s as risk-free a deal as you’ll ever see…

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This is why if in the first 30 days you don’t like the software for whatever reason or decide you want the money back to go buy that new shirt instead, I’ll give you ALL your money back with my 100% money back guarantee.

To top this off, if you use this software for 60 days, work with our support team & myslef personally & STILL don’t get any results, I will DOUBLE your money back. You won’t see this deal from any marketer ever.

So this could well be your ONLY CHANCE to get access to Wishloop for life,and save time and money no matter how many products you sell, or where your business takes you.

Don’t delay. Act now.

The price is rising during this one-off 4-day product offering and that means the price you see below now is the lowest it will ever be.

And remember, it’s 100% guaranteed so you’ve nothing to lose

Wishloop Review

Just 2 simple steps to claim these bonuses

  1. Get Wishloop by Clicking here to dowload it now
  2. After you complete the order , send [the receipt id] in message to my email at: heroreviewbonus@gmail.com. I’ll send you bonus within 12 hours

Thanks for visit my Wishloop Review. Hope you could find useful information here. Wish you all the best. Cheryl!

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